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Safety When Buying And Selling

Although MX Market don’t own or sell any vehicles, gear or equipment listed for sale on this website, we do value your safety. 

You might never be taken advantage of, but if you’re new to buying second hand or just want to be safe in general, please take a moment to read these tips when buying and selling in the second hand motocross market.

Be Honest

Make sure your adverts are as honest and detailed as possible to avoid potential disputes. Not listing damage or being dishonest about your item in any way could potentially lead to altercations between buyers and sellers.

Only Sell What’s Yours

Selling property that isn’t yours is a criminal offence. This can cause disputes, unpleasant situations and potentially criminal charges. Anyone found selling property that isn’t theirs will have their advert removed and not refunded.

Don’t Send Money

Never send money to a potential seller if they ask for a deposit, and never send money for a bike you’ve not seen in person. If you’re buying or selling something that is being posted, PayPal offer both buyer and seller protection including a dispute system if you feel you’ve been the victim of an intentional scam.

Talk Before Meeting

It always pays to get to know someone a little before meeting whether buying or selling. We encourage sellers to include a phone number when listing their items – So if you talk first you can then decide if you’re comfortable meeting in person.

Meet Somewhere Public

It never hurts to meet somewhere public like a supermarket car park or a petrol station. If you’re concerned about your personal safety or theft of your bike or money, meet publicly and don’t give out your home address.

Don’t Carry Money

When looking to buy a bike it’s advisable to go empty handed if you can. It’s your choice, and if it’s not local you wont always have that option, but viewing empty handed and returning with cash to purchase later is always the best way.

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